Song lyric leads to Waffle House adventure for Jake Owen and fans

Jake Owen Real Life

A lyric in Jake Owen‘s new song Real Life led to perhaps the best Waffle House event since Kid Rock‘s infamous Waffle House rumble of 2007, and that’s saying a lot.

Earlier this week, Jake released his newest single Real Life. In the song, there’s a lyric that talks about a waitress at the Waffle House being rude.

Hit the Waffle House
For some real food
But that waitress she’s real rude
She’s got real problems
But we do too
So we tip her anyway.

Jake_Owen_Real_Life_Lyric_Video (1)

That lyric ended up getting the attention of the Waffle House who tweeted Jake about dissing their waitress while still using their logo.

Pretty sure this is what they meant by Jake was using their logo.

Jake Owen Real Life Waffle House logo

Well the one thing in this life you don’t want to do is anger the Waffle Gods, so Jake did what any sane person would do in this situation and immediately decided to appease the powers that be by inviting a bunch of fans from Twitter to the local Waffle House for lunch.

And fans showed up in droves.

Free food AND face time with Jake Owen? Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me.


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