Poor Kelly Clarkson just didn’t understand Beyonce’s sexual song innuendos

Kelly Clarkson singing in the car

I have to say one thing about this video: I love, love, love the fact that Kelly Clarkson totally seems to revel in her dorkiness. As a dork myself, I appreciate that.

Kelly is currently in Australia for a few shows (if you haven’t yet, go check out her adorable daughter River Rose meeting some of the natives at the zoo). At one point this week, the singer joined Aussie radio station KIIS in a car where they tootled around town and sang songs that came on the radio.

Sort of.

Turns out that Kelly didn’t want to sing along to her own songs when they came on, at least at first.

But then Beyonce’s Drunk In Love started playing and Kelly made a confession … she didn’t realize that Beyonce wasn’t actually singing about a surfboard when she sang about grinding/graining up on a surfboard, grinding/graining up on that wood.

“It took me forever to figure out what surfboard meant,” Kelly laughed.

I think my heart just burst with love for Kelly Clarkson.

Check out her funny car karaoke/confessional below.