Miranda Lambert talks about getting vulnerable…


Miranda Lambert has been cranking out interviews lately that have really shed light into her personal life, which is a departure from the image we’ve seen in the past. Normally she lays it all out in songs. And while she admits it’s vulnerable, it was the easier way for people to get to know the real her:

“The only thing you can do is write a song about yourself, and it’s a little scary to do that sometimes,” she said. “Because you’re just out there for the whole world, kinda, and you can’t blame it on anyone else. You can’t say, ‘oh, that lyric was someone else’s, not mine.’ If it’s a vulnerable song, it’s like reading your own diary, almost. I think that’s the best way I can let people get to know me.”

In my honest opinion I don’t think Miranda gets enough praise from some of the songs she has penned because we are so busy concentrating on her marriage to Blake or bad girl persona.

What’s YOUR favorite Miranda written song?


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  1. chabliz316@MSN.COM'

    Actually she has always said it takes strength to show vulnerability. Miranda might say 15 minutes on her music/tour and 1 on her marriage and that is what is usually always promoted, must be very irritating. Kinda like how you promoted this post. She is headlining an all girl tour this fall lets talk about that will you.

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