Miranda Lambert says Blake Shelton is teaching her to de-stress…

2012 Stagecoach: California's Country Music Festival - Day 2

I probably would have had this the other way around, but Miranda Lambert is saying it’s actually Blake Shelton who is the one saying to not freak out about every little thing that might not go her way and to pick her battles. He also said to relax a bit when it come so to business. Wise words, Mr. Shelton!

Miranda says in the cover story of Success magazine’s June issue, “I never take a deep breath or just sit on the couch. Blake can just let it all go, and I’m trying to do more of that because you need downtime to be re-inspired and not wear yourself down. But it’s hard.”

Getting over that new artist hump and proving she’s here to stay as helped ease some of that intensity.

She adds, “I think once you’ve proved your point, you don’t have to scream. With a little bit of success, I calmed down. I realized people were listening to me.”

Amen sister. Amen.