Miranda Lambert, Queen of the Airstreams, gifts her mom a cool Airstream

Miranda Lambert's mom's airstream
Miranda Lambert and the Junk Gypsies stand in front of Miranda’s mom’s new Airstream – Photo via People.com

Miranda Lambert’s love of Airstreams is well documented (as is her love of vintage camp trailers in general), so it’s probably no surprise that the singer recently decided to update an old Airstream with the help of her amazingly cool gal pals the Junk Gypsies and give it to her mom as a gift. Doesn’t make it any less cool though.

People.com has a few pictures from Miranda getting right in there and doing some sewing, painting, etc. in order to make the trailer as cool as possible for her mom, Bev. The gals of the Junk Gypsies say that Miranda is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty.

“Miranda does not mind rolling her sleeves up and getting dirty,” says Junk Gypsies’ Jolie Sikes. “Anytime we do something with the Lamberts, it’s always fun for us, because it’s just like our brains are on fire when we’re together. We speak the same language and we get excited by each other’s ideas. There’s a few cuss words here and there and then we always drink a beer at the end.”

So how did Miranda’s mom like her surprise? I’m sure you can imagine.

“It was basically screaming,” says Jolie. “It was very loud. She was crying and she was jumping up and down. There were lots of expressive emotions.”

Miranda and the Junk Gypsy gals go way back. The duo also decorated Miranda Lambert’s amazing Airstream that she takes with her on tour and they were the ones that were responsible for the incredible western designs at Miranda and Blake’s wedding.

The purveyors of all things funky junk have the premiere of the third season their reality show on GAC tonight, which, incidentally, is the same episode Miranda’s mom’s Airstream makeover shows up on.

Definitely gives me a double reason to tune in.


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