McDonald’s shareholder uses Shania Twain as an argument for lower wages

Shania Twain

McDonald’s has been at the center of the fight against low wages with workers and advocates targeting them as the worst of the worst offenders who pay their employees basically squat. Luckily, though, McDonald’s has revealed a secret weapon in their arsenal to help you see why crap pay is a good thing … Shania Twain.

See, Shania once worked at a McDonald’s in Canada as a teenager, telling Time magazine back in the early 2000s that she “learned tons about the meaning of service there.”

One Mickey D’s shareholder, however, says that if the restaurant had paid her enough money as a teenager, she probably never would have went on to become the rich and famous Shania we love today.

Yeah, really.

According to BuzzFeed, the unnamed shareholder made the incredible statement during the company’s annual meeting Thursday, naming several celebrities who once called McDonald’s their day job including Shania, Jay Leno, and Sharon Stone, and saying, “I’m sure if they were making $15 an hour, they’d still be working at McDonald’s,” he said, calling working at the company “a stepping-stone for people to have a first job.”

Okay, so I’m one of those rare adults who actually likes McDonald’s food, and even I thought this was one dumb-as-f@@k statement. Glad to have the laugh though.