*EXCLUSIVE* Mary Sarah Shares Stunning Cover of Carrie Underwood’s “Something in the Water”


If there is one thing we know about Nashville, it is that it is home to a tremendous collection of independent artists with more talent in their pinkies than the members of the general population have in their entire bodies. One of the artists who has quite a remarkable presence in Music City, and who is only moments away from being a household name, is the young star with the old soul, Mary Sarah. If Mary Sarah’s impressive collection of collaborations isn’t enough to pique your curiosity and interest (Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Oak Ridge Boys, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Ronnie Milsap, Tanya Tucker, and the late Ray Price to name a few), let her gorgeous vocals do the talking.

Not only has Mary Sarah been out in Nashville lately singing covers and originals for eager show-goers, she has been spending time in her home state of Texas, performing before those who have watched her grow and blossom into a stunning artist. Those who attend the same church as Mary Sarah in Houston, Texas received quite the treat recently, as the beautiful vocalist stood center stage and performed Carrie Underwood‘s chart-topping and award-winning song “Something in the Water” (Carrie Underwood, Chris DeStefano, Brett James). A track that few could perform admirably due to its range that extends as high as the heavens, Mary Sarah seamlessly conquered the powerful and spiritual song to no surprise of those familiar with the talented beauty.

With the passion Mary Sarah brings to every performance and the vocal precision of a true professional, the Billboard Hot Country Artist to Watch in 2015 closed her eyes, delved into the lyrics, and took members of the River Pointe Church congregation to another world. And, if you have ever been privileged enough to see Mary Sarah live and experience that feeling, you know it is something truly unforgettable.

Mary Sarah is now sharing her ravishing rendition of “Something in the Water” with Nashville Gab readers, who should expect to be entranced by everything this breathtaking artist has to offer. Watch the video below and prepare to be transported.


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***Featured Photograph By Beth Childs***


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