Man charged with homicide after rampage at Trace Adkins concert


Trace AdkinsWhat should have been a fun day of listening to Trace Adkins perform turned into mayhem on Saturday after a man got drunk and pissed off and decided to drive his SUV into a crowd of concertgoers.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

The overly-angry man, 42-year-old Billy Jason Carson, was, according to USA Today, a vendor at Trails End Campground in Huntsville, Tennessee where Trace Adkins was performing. He was also drunk.

Surprise. Surprise.

Billy Carson mugshot via
Billy Carson mugshot via

Police say the intoxicated vendor decided to start a fight during the show. Police were then called around 11 p.m. because once the concert was over, Carson went back to his vehicle where he had a gun. He then drove his Toyota 4-Runner back into the concert area where he threatened the crowd with the revolver and started running people over.

According to,  former monster truck driver (he drove Blue Thunder), Tony Farrell, was run over and killed after trying to help someone who Carson was dragging under his car.

Farrell’s son was also injured and was taken to UT Medical Center.

Carson is now charged with criminal homicide and reckless endangerment and is expected in court tomorrow.

What a terrible situation.

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