Maddie & Tae learned about being grown ups early on…


Considering Maddie & Tae are young, fresh faces still in country music, it’s kind of crazy to think they would know what it’s like to have to deal with grown up problems. But that’s not the case at all.

“We were 17 years old, moved to Nashville completely on our own,” Marlow said. “You know trying to figure out how to pay bills and how to fix a broken AC unit and–,”   “What to do when your apartment floods,” Dye added.

Imagine having to manage those grown up things AND try and make a career happen in Nashville? Tough stuff, right? Well lucky for us and our ears, those moments helped inspire their second single, “Fly”. And what a special song that has been for people needing an uplifting word.

So if you’re in that rough stage of growing up, whether you’re 17 or 50, just remember….a great country song could come of your experiences.