Luke Bryan talks about accidentally snubbing American Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow

Chris Kyle and wife

By all accounts, last month’s ACM Awards went off without a hitch, at least on camera. Unfortunately, there was one little behind-the-scenes moment when Luke Bryan accidentally snubbed the widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle.


Luke explained in an interview afterwards that Kyle’s widow, Taya, requested a photo with him and then sheepishly explained how his handlers, not recognizing the Navy Seal’s wife, brushed her off.

“I have my guys who kind of look after me,” Luke said backstage. “Well, she peeks her head in and she goes, ‘Can I get a selfie?’ And my guy goes, ‘No, not right now.’ I was mortified that we A) Didn’t recognize her right off the bat — B) That it went down the way it did. A couple of the guys that work for me, I’m like, ‘You go out there and you find that woman.’”

Luke was quick to make it right with Taya and her family.

“I know a lot of baseball players and the term is, ‘Never try to big league ‘em,’” Luke explained. “I accidentally big leagued her. And we made up for it. I got pictures with her and her kids. People are like, ‘Can we get a picture?’ I’m like, ‘You better!’ When are you going to be right here? When is it going to go down like this? That’s kind of the way I roll.”

Well if it’s any consolation, Luke, I wouldn’t have recognized her either.