Let us thank Brett Eldredge’s mama…


Hey, in the season of Mother’s Day, let’s all all take notice that without Brett Eldredge‘s mother taking him to gigs and believing in him, his career may have never ever happened.

“I’ve won the lottery with the mother I have,” Brett says. “Everybody says it, but my mom is the best mom in the world. In my mind, she’s just so amazing. She really is something special and believed in me when it was just a side thought for somebody else to say, ‘Oh, he’s a good singer.’”

And a mother’s job is never done you know, so now that Brett has achieved a country singing career, he still needs his mama there to keep him grounded.

Says Brett, “She’s always calling me on the road making sure I’m getting enough sleep, making sure I’m being healthy. I’m always trying to make her proud, so she keeps me in check and is the reality I need when I’m in a sometimes unrealistic world traveling all over the place.”

Awe moment for sure. Thank you Mama Eldredge!