Lee Brice talks about his hand-me-down bus

Lee Brice photo via Instagram
Lee Brice photo via Instagram

Back in 2012, Lee Brice had a scary bus situation where his tour bus caught fire with him and his crew asleep on board. Now he’s got a new bus that just happens to be a sweet-sounding hand-me-down.

The singer recently shared with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he’s now touring around in style in Darius Rucker’s old bus, and it sounds pretty damn sweet.

Lee-Brice-Bus“I had to add some people to my crew, so I had to get another bus. I’m on my own bus now, and it’s Darius’ bus. He got himself a new bus. This bus has five TVs on it! Apparently he really likes to watch his sports. There are three TVs in the front, and in the back bedroom, he’s got two TVs so he can watch two different games at one time. So I’ve got to text him and say ‘Like man, you really like your TVs. Could you get any more TVs on this bus?’ It’s kind of like being in a sports bar, where you have five games going at once, which I love. I can’t wait for football season.”

Let’s just hope this bus stays fire free.


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