Laura Bell Bundy Tells the World “I Am What I Am”


Laura Bell Bundy‘s new album Another Piece of Me became available for pre-order today, and those fans who agreed to purchase the record (scheduled for a June 9th release) received an immediate download of one of the anticipated tracks, “I Am What I Am.” Along with early access to the disc came a music video for the sneak peek track, which Laura shared across social media platforms.

“I Am What I Am” is wholly indicative of who Laura Bell Bundy is as a person — a walking contradiction filled with more beauty than the eye can see. Whether she is “clumsy,” “passionate,” “talented,” “strong,” “silly,” “happy,” “blessed,” and/or many other things, Laura embraces each of her characteristics (and quirks) in this song, sharing that she simply and unabashedly is what she is.

Laura’s most recent released track off Another Piece of Me celebrates the freedom of knowing yourself and professing it all to someone who can take you or leave you in your entirety. The inspired chorus boasts:

I am what I am what I am what I am, falling in love just as fast as I can. Standing right here with my heart in my hands, oh I got nothing to hide nothing to hide. I am what I am.

What makes Laura’s song and video absolute standouts in country music is the wide array of talents she possesses; especially those that are incredibly unique to her. With backgrounds in Broadway, film, and television, Laura has a special ability to deliver lyrics in the most intricate of ways, making it known to listeners that she is feeling every single word that crosses her lips. In keeping with her commitment to each lyric, Laura likewise pours every ounce of her vocal prowess into her performance, revealing a level of pitch perfect projection that would be impossible for an artist without such extensive experience.

The music video adequately follows suit, demonstrating Laura’s acting skills as she throws herself into a variety of scenes and portrays each emotion in a way few other musicians could. As she spins on a mountaintop like Fraulein Maria from The Sound of Music and bounces cheerfully among a group of strangers, Laura ensures that viewers can relate to each and every move she makes, creating a profound relationship between artist and fan that is unlike any other.

If country music is missing anything right now it is the whole package that Laura Bell Bundy brings to the table; a package that can’t be found in another artist and should be honored by the industry.

You can pre-order Laura Bell Bundy’s album Another Piece of Me now on iTunes to receive your advanced download of “I Am What I Am.” Click on the album cover below to secure your copy today.