Kenny Chesney’s Bus Hits One Million Miles…


Talk about a MILEstone, Kenny Chesney‘s tour bus, whose nickname is Moby, just hit it’s MILLIONTH mile between his shows in St. Louis and Des Moines, Iowa.  The bus is still a staple in Kenny’s tour entourage of buses. It was his first big investment before he hit it big.

Kenny explains, “It was a used Silver Eagle when I bought it — and the bank had no business lending me the money ‘cause all I owned was a little pickup and my guitar. But I knew if I owned my bus, we could keep doing this, keep bringing the music to the people!”

While Kenny doesn’t ride on Moby much anymore, we know it means a lot to him because he has a song titled “If This Bus Could Talk” that’s included on Kenny’s latest album, The Big Revival.

Here’s to many more miles!