Who Engaged in Some Locker Room Talk with Kenny Chesney?


Last night, members of the Pittsburgh Steelers entered their home stadium, but not for the reason to which they are accustomed. Instead, they walked in as visitors to a Kenny Chesney concert. To get himself acclimated to the facility before he took over for an evening, Chesney spent some time with the Steelers, working out under the tutelage of Coach Mike Tomlin.

In discussing his time spent at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kenny stated:

Over the years they have embraced me and my crew and treated us like family. The Rooney family has been amazing to me over the years. It helps me mentally to be able to get off the bus, get a good workout in and hang out with the guys in a relaxed atmosphere.

In regard to the players’ responses to Chesney making his “Big Revival” at the Steelers’ stadium, the hit-maker explained:

We share a commonality here. There is a mutual respect. A lot of guys who play football would love to do what I do and I would give anything to do what they do. It’s not going to happen so we live vicariously through each other. We love sports, they love music, so it’s fun to hang out together. It makes me feel good to know these guys are in here singing our songs and are excited about our show. I promise you, we tune into every game. We are excited to watch the games and see our buddies play and be a part of it in a small way. There are two things I believe bring people together more than anything in the world and that’s music and sports. Those are two powerful things we have in our lives.

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Featured image credit: Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelers.com)