Kelsea Ballerini shows us she has no trouble at CMT’s Next Women Of Country Show

Photo by Keith G

Kelsea Ballerini didn’t just show up to play in Nashville, she showed up to make a statement. And that statement is one that country fans have been thirsty for: The time for women in country music is now.

Kind of bold, right? That’s a huge message sitting on the ‘Love Me Like You Mean It’ singer’s shoulders, but here’s the beautiful part….Kelsea doesn’t have to be anything more than herself for people to see that something is happening beyond our wildest imaginations and last night’s show proved that in a massive way.

In front of a packed house, full of fans and famous friends, Ms. Ballerini brought an almost youthful vibe to the stage. That youthful vibe ended up being much more refreshing with each song she sang.  Songs that stem from experiences we’ve almost all been through, but worded in ways that made you re-relate to situations.  Pretty cliche, right? But when you can make this girl relate to my very own life experiences with her new song “High School” then you’ve really hit deep.

Kelsea stripped down songs like “First Time” and showed a vulnerability that only added more authenticity to her. Let’s be real…we haven’t seen that really since Taylor Swift. And you know how much I love me some Taylor.  And know who else I love? Maddie and Tae. Know who I love more than that? Kelsea and Maddie and Tae. So, when these three ladies hit the stage to bring back some serious Dixie Chick feels? Total fangirl moment.  The three girls went with a classic, ‘There’s Your Trouble’, and had even the most quiet crowd member mouthing the words to the song. That falls under the epic category in my book.

Okay, so you know I am advocate of the show. But let me break this down: The show embodied an atmosphere that somehow made every person in that crowd feel a connection to at least one song.  Kelsea’s ability to entertain a crowd at this level with simplicity and confidence is nothing short of what seasoned legends are capable of.  When an artist can capture your mind and engulf it into every word of the song  they’re singing then you know you’ve got something special….and Kelsea Ballerini special.

Plus, if  Dan + Shay, Lindsey Ell and Brooke Eden show up to support ya then you know you’re on the right path.



Check out Kelsea and Maddie & Tae singing ‘There’s Your Trouble” below: