Kelly Clarkson May Be in the Market for a New Nanny


Kelly Clarkson’s ad for a new nanny might read something like this:

Incredibly famous singing-songwriting sensation and music managing mogul husband seek nanny for adorably energetic eleven-month old baby girl who calls Reba McEntire “Grandma”. Those who enjoy the 2003 film “From Justin to Kelly” needn’t apply.

Mrs. Brandon Blackstock recently shared that she is possibly looking to replace her current nanny due to the caretaker’s preferences in movies.

I have a little joke with our nanny, because she told me she loves that movie. She was like, “My roommate and I used to watch it all the time! I’m totally going to show your daughter From Justin to Kelly.” I’m like, “I will fire you.”

If that doesn’t relay the message of undeniable hatred for her “Grease on the beach” flick of yesteryear, Kelly also added that she would burn every copy of the movie if she was capable of getting her hands on all of them . . . Or any of them, for that matter.

I think I would have to own it first, but that is something I will look into.

That eliminates me from the applicant pool, as that set was where I began and ended my own acting career, but I can offer up at least one copy of the movie for Kelly’s personal bonfire (which, for the record, would still leave me with one more From Justin to Kelly DVD). There is no shame to my J2K game.


Photo credit: Redbook Magazine