Kelly Clarkson Karaokes with Young Fan


There are few friendlier artists than Grammy-winning, hit-making, crossover sensation Kelly Clarkson. Apparently a little girl named Ava heard the rumors about Kelly’s amicable nature, because when she saw her out in Nashville and karaoke was going down, she invited the perky pop star on stage for a duet.

The two sassy females took on (and absolutely slayed) the B-52‘s cult classic “Love Shack,” despite (or in spite of?) Kelly’s uncertainty about a greater portion of the lyrics. The question really is now “who outshone who?” because little Ava gave Kelly quite the run for her jukebox money with a BANG BANG of a performance.

Watch Kelly and Ava perform “Love Shack” here:

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This Post Has 3 Comments

    Angie Davis

    I’m Ava’s Mom and a big Thank you to you guys for writing an article about this amazing night that my 10 yr old will never forget!

    1. Shannon

      Well thank you for the kind words. It’s always nice when the people involved approve.

    2. Jen Swirsky

      You’re so welcome, Angie! What a fun night for Ava! Thank you for recording and sharing the amazing moment with the world!

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