Jo Dee Messina is what’s missing from award show performances


If you’ve been a country fan within the last 20 years then you are familiar with the name Jo Dee Messina. That name is also synonymous with fierceness. Last night at the beautiful venue City Winery in Nashville, Jo Dee gave fans way more than an average performer gives on stage. She gave heart AND soul. Laughter AND tears.  CM Chat’s Jennifer Swirsky may have captured that best when she said:

The only difference in this particular artist is personal growth that has led to more truth behind the music — a quality about country music that most fans cite as their favorite thing about the genre.

Watching Jo Dee on stage you were immersed with a form of entertainment that makes you remember exactly where you were when you were blasting one of her hits. That same, raw energy that makes you get out of your seat and sing at the top of your lungs. And in a time when Award shows love to bring back legends to perform on the shows….where is Jo Dee?!  It hurts to think there are newcomers that are just discovering country music that don’t have the experience of seeing her live.  So, I guess if you missed the point: This is my HUGE endorsement to see Jo Dee live ANYTIME you can. And if you have a chance to catch a show at the City Winery then you definitely should. Quality wine, good and music? Even in Nashville it’s a stand out

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