Jake Owen is down for Larry the Cable Guy’s terrorist hunting plan

Jake Owen and Larry the Cable Guy - photo via WhoSay
Jake Owen and Larry the Cable Guy – photo via WhoSay

The U.S. government has spent a butt-load (understatement) of money on terrorists – hunting them down, preventing them from rising up and killing us all, training them (if you listen to the conspiracy theorists). Well according to Larry the Cable Guy, country music has the perfect weapon of mass terrorist destruction in its midst … Jake Owen.

On Monday, the comedian tweeted his novel terrorist-fighting idea.

It costs 100 million a week to hunt down terrorists! I know some guys in Plant City fla that’ll do it for 300 bucks and tix to Jake Owen!

And it didn’t take Jake Owen long to get on board with the plan. The singer tweeted back a short time later.

Tickets will be at will call! I’d be happy to host. 😎

So there you go, further proof that country music can solve all the world’s problems if you just let it.

[H/T Twitchy]

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