Is Dustin Lynch’s edgy new sound giving him a career boost?


So all  “yep, yep” jokes aside, since Dustin Lynch has released his album Where It’s At, things have blown up for Dustin. Many think it was the edgier sound on that album’s singles, “Where It’s At” and “Hell of a Night.”  that may have helped. Others think it’s the fact he landed a spot on Luke Bryan’s 2015 tour. Either way, Dustin is becoming a bigger deal. Which means more people can fall in love with his dimples.

As for his solo shows, Dustin tells OC Weekly, “We’re selling out everywhere we go… It’s crazy how far we’ve come as a band. Seeing the progression and the crowds grow is a testament to what we’re doing on stage, and what we put into our live show -and it’s so much fun.”

Do you like Dustin’s new stuff? Check out ‘Where It’s At’ below:

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