Garth Brooks surprises superfan who named her children Garth and Brook after him

Garth Brooks surprises super fan

Superfans who name their children and pets after their favorite singers really do exist out there in the wild. Creator of many a superfan, Garth Brooks, had the sweet task of surprising one such lady this morning for Mother’s Day.

Garth teamed up with Good Morning America to offer people the chance to win a surprise visit from the singer for one deserving mother in their life. Karen Garrison, the lucky lady who won, was nominated by her daughter Brook. And I bet you’ll never guess what her son’s name is.

Yep, Garth.

Now that’s a fan!

After all the emotional outpouring of love from her children, Garth (the singer, not her son) walked up behind Karen, wrapped his arms around her, and (hopefully) gave her the greatest surprise of her life (as opposed to, you know, the not so pleasant I’m-being-manhandled-by-a-perfect-stranger surprise). Garth greets superfan

Such a sweet story all around. Check it out.