Garth Brooks’ iconic ‘The Thunder Rolls’ almost sounded very, VERY different

Garth Brooks on Jimmy Kimmel
Garth Brooks does his thing on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Photo via Twitter

The Thunder Rolls is one of Garth Brooks’ most iconic tunes. At one time, however, it was a famous lady who actually showed interest in recording it.

Can you even imagine The Thunder Rolls NOT being a Garth song? I know I can’t.

I came across this bit of music trivia this morning and it just blew my mind. Apparently Tanya Tucker was interested in the song back before Garth was famous.

From the Sanford Herald:

“The Thunder Rolls” was the second song written by Garth Brooks and his occasional collaborator Pat Alger. After recording a demo together, they shopped it around, and Tanya Tucker was one of a few artists who showed interest in it. She eventually recorded the song but never released it.

Before long, Brooks landed a record deal of his own and began recording the songs that he previously had tried to sell to others. Included on his second album, “The Thunder Rolls” reached the top of the country charts in June 1991. After the success Brooks had with the song, Tucker included her version on her 1995 box set simply titled “Tanya Tucker.” The song also can be found on the 1996 compilation album, “Harley Davidson Country Road Songs.”

Just in case you’re wondering what in the world the song would sound like if performed by a woman, wonder no more because you can listen to Tanya’s version below. And here’s Garth’s just in case you need a refresher.

Tanya slays it, but I gotta go with Garth on this one. Which do you prefer?


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    I love that Tanya has the extra verse in her recording. When I heard her version I get the feeling the woman in the song kills herself rather than the cheating husband. In Garth’s version it seems she kills the husband.

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