EXCLUSIVE: Mitch Goudy shows us how to get rowdy…


We had the chance to sit down with country up and comer Mitch Goudy and were blown away with two things: 1) He’s ridiculously charismatic and 2) His passion for what he does. Mitch comes from humble beginnings and a lot of that is reflected in his sound. He fits a void as a young country male who is singing and writing about real life experiences. It adds an authenticity that people of all ages can enjoy. But that isn’t the only thing that makes Mitch unique. He already has a HUGE fanbase. They call themselves the “rowdies” and they are in tune to Mitch’s every move. So much in fact, he had them be a part of one of his music videos. How sweet is that? Another cool moment from the shoot was when a girl asked him out on a date and much to her surprise he said YES. Seems like this guy already has the understanding that when you support your fans….they support you. That’s priceless. Oh and yes ladies I can confirm Mitch is single!

He’s also a business man. He’s the male face of STRUT apparel. Which, as he explained, is a more modern style country outfitter. Endorsements and a fanbase? I’d say this kid is unstoppable!


Check out his latest song ‘My Girl’s Hand’ below: