Eric Church named his kid Hawk because it’s a damn cool name

eric church

Unique (and sometimes downright weird) baby names are nothing new for celebrities, but where do those unique baby names come from? Eric Church reveals the inspiration for  his new son’s unique moniker.

Little Tennessee Hawk Church came into this world on February 15. Eric recently explained to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton the story behind his interesting name:

“We call him Hawk. Hawk was just something that kind of came to me. We have a bunch of property out west of town, and I was out there one day, and honestly saw a hawk, as weird as that is, and I called my wife, and said, ‘Have you thought about Hawk? Because I’m imagining myself at 6 years old, and if that was your name, or your friend was Hawk, that’s cool. It’s a cool name. It’s like a Top Gun fighter pilot.”

So what did she think about Tennessee? “Well she’s from Tennessee, so she loved it, and she’s a Tennessee Volunteer fan too. My meaning was different. I love Tennessee Williams, but also one of my favorite songs was by Don Williams, ‘Good Old Boys Like Me,’ it’s got that line in it, ‘Hank & Tennessee.’ It’s one of my favorite songs, so there’s a dual meaning for me.”

Can’t argue with Hawk being a pretty cool name. And it’s hard to come up with anything that rhymes with Tennessee (other than variations of needs to pee, I guess), so the kid may survive childhood relatively unscathed. Eric’s other son Boone, on the other hand, yeah, he’s probably screwed.