Eric Church doesn’t let country radio influence him…


When you’re Eric Church level you don’t need to know what country radio plays to pick an opening act. Nope, no siree bob.  Instead, he just books who HE likes. What a concept, huh?  Of course that explains why you’ll see hard rock group Halestorm to Americana group The Lone Bellow on the road with Eric this year.

He tells the Lexington Herald-Leader, “I just thought it was cooler than who everybody else takes on tour. Everybody just repackages tours. That’s what happens in country music. That’s what happens in all kinds of music. They just take the same four or five people, whoever had a hit this year, whoever’s hot, and sticks them on the bill.”

We can thank Bob Segar for teaching Eric right. You see,  Eric got the gig because Bob liked his music, an opportunity Eric wants to pass on to his favorite up-and-coming acts. Nice!

“There is just so much music out there I love that doesn’t have the outlet,” Eric explains. ” You know what? We didn’t used to have the outlet, either”

He adds, “Going forward, this is something we’re going to continue to do.”

What a bad ass.