Dwight Yoakam singing Sam Hunt’s praises—Seriously.


I’m not sure if it’s the fact that Dwight Yoakam got to sing on National Television with Sam Hunt for the ACM Duets show that may have caused him to look at Sam on a level that most of us can’t see or what, but bottom line….Dwight compared Sam’s album to one of the world’s most talented musicians of our time’s album. And while Sam is no doubt talented, a compliment like this coming from someone like Dwight is pretty massive.

“Sam’s an interesting new artist in that he’s had just a stratospheric year, and his path to the success has kind of been uniquely his own,” Dwight told ET. “It reminds me a little bit of, with the infusion of soul and southern R&B, with the things that happened surrounding the album that Ray Charles put out — the very historic album The Modern Sounds of Country Music back in the early ’60s.

He went on to say, “It was a reinterpretation that not only intrigued country audiences at the time,but it brought a brand-new audience to the country music world.”

He does have a huge point…Sam Hunt and his album are bringing new people into country music every day.

What do YOU think of the compliment?


Was LeAnn Rimes drunk during her X Factor performance last night?

Last night I had video of Little Big Town and LeAnn Rimes performing with contestants on day one of “The X Factor’s” finale. Almost immediately people started coming to NashvilleGab searching for LeAnn Rimes drunk or other similar search terms. I thought that was a little odd. I had watched the video of LeAnn and had thought her performance was a little off and her voice didn’t sound in tip top shape, but drunk?

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