Dierks Bentley is still dealing with Kip Moore’s pickup prank

Dierks with a goat

Remember back a couple of months ago when Kip Moore pranked Dierks Bentley good by wrapping his cherished pickup, Big White, in plastic and then writing all over it? Oh yeah, and he put a goat in the back of it? It was pretty dang funny. At the time. Unfortunately, it looks like the prank lasted a bit longer than it was supposed to and Dierks is still dealing with the aftermath.

Radio.com asked several country stars about the best pranks they ever did or had done to them and Dierks revealed that all these months later Big White still hasn’t recovered from Kip’s prank.

“The prank they pulled, they put plastic over my truck, and then they spray-painted over the plastic. Well, when they pulled the plastic off, the spray paint had reacted with the glue and it left the words. I’ve been driving around with the word ‘Payback’ on the side of my truck for a month and a half. It’s like he’s still pranking me for a month and half straight, because this stuff does not come off my truck. One side says ‘I’m To Blame,’ his current single, and the other side says ‘Payback,’ for when I made him jump in the lake. So there will be some payback.


But don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like Dierks is too upset by it all. He just says that Kip needs to watch his back.

[Kip] has been calling me, ‘Man, am I kicked off this tour? I feel so bad….’ I’ve got a guy who’s going to try to get it off. I might have to get my truck repainted, which would be a big drag, because I’ve had that truck forever. [But] it’s all good. I got three kids. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I love Kip, man. He’s a great dude. [But] it could be a long summer for Kip. And he knows it now, too.”

Sounds like Dierks’ old pickup just has some extra character now.

So what’s your favorite prank that one of these singers have pulled?