Congratulations to Randy Houser who may or may not have just gotten engaged

Randy Houser

Update: The rumor’s true!

This is a quickie post for a totally unconfirmed rumor that Randy Houser just got himself engaged.

From an email I received a few minutes ago.

Hi I thought you might like to know that Randy Houser has just got engaged to his new Australian girlfriend of 8 weeks…’Tatiana Starzinski’ Looks like she is following in her sister foot steps Natalia Starzinki Davidson who married Dallas Davidson.

Well I didn’t even know Mr. Houser was dating anyone in particular so I went on a search for Tatiana Starzinski. Turns out Randy’s all over her Instagram page.

Randy and Tatiana via Instagram
Randy and Tatiana via Instagram


And with photo captions like:

Never known happiness like this 💞😍

I guess we can confirm that the two are at least dating.

As for the engagement rumor, I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

So a tentative congrats to the happy couple.


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    Randy Houser has been married for two years.. Wow.. And has a little boy.

    I am friends with him and his wife.

    Should research before trying to ruin a good thing.

    In many panther pics are Randy’s wife (Jessa) and his baby boy. They are all good friends of the Davidson’s.

    D Bishop

    Wow Randy is the dumbest guy. That girl is only 20 years old, maybe 21, and he’s 40. I wander what the common denominator is?…… He should’ve stayed with his wife and baby.


      Yeah well you didn’t know his ex wife, his son is the happiest ever. She’s of age. He’s happy. Won’t interfere with his music.. If it does he will probably get a lot of wonderful hits writing about his new love. 🙂


      None of this matters, especially what you think

    John Demarco

    I didn’t even know Randy was divorced? I’ve been a huge houser fan the past few years and I’ve envied the hell oughta him for publicly being so happy in love with his wife and kid, and his ex looks like a playboy playmate! He was livin every mans dream! I love Houser but I don’t know about this. Houser was an idiot for leavin his family for this one. I think he’s shooting himself in the damn foot through the boot with this college girl.


      Get your facts straight

    Pete K

    Looks like she is just in it for a green card and for the money he is throwing at her.
    She is only 21 too? Makes this story even better.
    I have no respect for Randy Houser anymore! I uses to love the guy and his music! After what he did to his wife and their son and now this.
    His career is gonna go down the tubes. I called it a long time ago.


      Ha you sir have zero idea… And should have SO much respect for people for who follow their hearts. They dont care what you or others think, you and your opinions mean zip!


    Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.


    8 weeks ago she was soooo in love with her Australian boyfriend of 4 years! Amazing how things move so quickly!! I’d say she’s probably gotten herself knocked up like her sister did with Dallas Davidson! Might be time for a revamp of ‘Real Housewives of Nashville’.


      Jasmin, clearly you know the girls but are so bored in your own life that you read about theirs and stoop to cyber bullying them online, you are pathetic.

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