Chris Young Cranks the Heat Up a Notch in New “I’m Comin’ Over” Video


Country music hit-maker Chris Young started his remarkable career with a sexy song and he is now introducing his new album with a lead single of the same variety. Young’s sultry single “I’m Comin’ Over” was released two weeks ago and already made women everywhere swoon, wishing they were the one who kept his fire burning.

Then came the music video.

Young’s “I’m Comin’ Over” video is a racy recap of a relationship gone wrong, but no matter how done the former loves should be with one another, neither can find it within themselves to finally pull the plug. As Young replays their first meeting, dates, and conversations, the video flashes to “real-time” when he is currently lusting over the woman who changed his world and refuses to leave it.

A passionate Young spends thoughtful moments alone in performance portions of the video, convincing himself that it makes more sense to come over than declare the relationship over. Applying his sexy vocals to the provocative lyrics, Young informs the woman taunting him with text messages:

So I’m comin’ over, runnin’ every red light, to hell with the closure, save it for another time. Try not to think about you, but it ain’t workin’. Why put out a fire when it’s still burnin’? Just when I think movin’ on is gettin’ closer, I’m comin’ over.

And that he does.