Carrie Underwood is a super hero for Brad Paisley’s “Crushin’ It” music video


Update: The video’s out now!

Many people already think Carrie Underwood is a super hero, but now we have photo proof that she really is.

Or at least we have cartoon proof.

Brad Paisley will be releasing the music video for his current single Crushin’ It soon, and it looks like Carrie Underwood is making a guest appearance in the video as Super Carrie.

Carrie tweeted Brad after she heard she was making an animated appearance in the video.

Super Carrie

Uh,Yes Ma’am. RT @carrieunderwood: I know you have a cartoon drawn of me for your”Crushin’It”video& I wanna see it!

Too cute!

There’s no word yet when you’ll actually be able to watch the video, but Brad recently said on Facebook that fans can expect the video soon enough.

With cute cartoons included, I personally can’t wait.