Ahh so there IS a reason Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton don’t tour together…


Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are two of country music’s biggest selling tickets when it comes to concerts, which no doubt means they spend some serious time apart. So, why wouldn’t they just co-headline a tour? Seems easy enough. But Miranda says that would take way too much compromise on both their ends…

Miranda told the New Orleans Times-Picayune, “It’s interesting being married to an artist because we have two ways of doing everything, him and I. From our management and fans, from the way we write to the songs we pick — but it’s fun to watch because both ways work.”

But hold up…in terms of their relationship, Miranda assures that spending time apart actually helps you work harder to stay connected…

“You have to talk on the phone and text each other and be intimate, but rely on them in a different way,” Miranda says. “It works, if you’re up for it. It’s not for everybody.”

I think that could be classified as the secret to success!