Thomas Rhett wouldn’t mind shaking his moneymaker on “Dancing With The Stars”


With the most recent season of “Dancing With The Stars” coming to an end this week, one has to wonder … would Thomas Rhett ever slip on a pair of dance shoes and shake his butt on the show? What, you weren’t wondering that? Well then you’ve apparently never watched the singer’s fancy dance moves in his Make Me Wanna video.

Lucky for you, if you have been wondering just where he stands on to dance or not to dance on DWTS, you’re in luck because Thomas recently answered that very question.

From The Bull:

“I think it’d be a fun experience. If I ever got asked, yeah, I think I would definitely do it. If I got somebody that worked well with me and knew that I’m not much of a ballroom dancer or a waltzer, I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

Hopefully the producers of “Dancing With The Stars” are listening because how much fun would that be to watch?