You Could Help Scotty McCreery Find A Couple Who Used His Song To Get Engaged

Now this is sweet. Scotty McCreery is on the hunt for a couple who got engaged on a Southwest airlines flight while his hit song, “See You Tonight,” filled the cabin over an intercom.

Apparently the airline’s official magazine covered the story and it just so happened that Scotty read this story during a recent flight on Southwest where Greg Freyer wrote in telling the story of how he surprised his girlfriend by hopping on her flight as she went to fly home after visiting him. He got on the plane without his girlfriend seeing him and had the flight crew help him pull off the big surprise.

Greg writes, “After takeoff, a flight attendant announced that a debit card with my girlfriend’s name on it had been found. When they handed it to her, ‘See You Tonight’ by Scotty McCreery started playing.”

Well that’s pretty cool but to sweeten the point, Scotty is trying to track down Greg and his fiancée.

Scotty said, “I’d love to give Greg and his fiancée tickets to a show and have them come backstage so we can meet and celebrate their engagement. I hope Greg hears that I’m looking for him and that he e-mails my team at so we can connect.”

So if you can help this all connect, don’t be shy!