What’s YOUR thought on concert ticket prices?

News broke that some of Taylor Swift‘s 1989 World Tour ticket prices were re-selling for $300.00 and this got us thinking…what was the most money you’ve ever spent on a concert ticket?

According to Forbes, Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney are going to be 2015’s most expensive country concerts with tickets re-selling at an estimated $208.00.  Which is more than Garth Brooks‘ comeback tour re-sales that came in at $198.00. We can’t help but notice Mr. Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan didn’t make the list of expensive tickets and that’s something I would pay extra for to see!



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  1. jillhammar@msn.com'

    I think the artists need to do something about the resellers (scalpers). Two years ago Luke Bryan came here and I stood in line for 2 hours hours at the box office before tix went on sale. I was about #15 in line. I was also trying to get tickets on the Ticketmaster app. Tickets went on sale at 10, at 10:04 it was sold out. Only the first 7 people in line at the box office got seats and they were nosebleed. Yet somehow, there were already 1700 tickets on StubHub. Tickets originally ranged from $48-&77, but 15 minutes after going on sale were going for $300. There has to be some way to prevent this. Non transferable tickets with the card holders name printed on them at purchase or something. The venue here got so many complaints that they ended up rearranging the stage configuration so they could open up an extra 2000 seats, sold only at the box office. Sad thing is, at the actual show, there were many empty seats because the scalpers didn’t even sell the tickets that they marked up. Maybe if more artists did what Dave Grohl did, and void and relist all tickets on StubHub, real fans could afford to go to shows.

  2. ctexastornado@yahoo.com'

    I went to get tickets for the one concert Bruno Mars is doing this year at Mohegan Sun. I went to the box office knowing that the ticket houses (stub hub, ticketmaster and the like) either had no tickets or the resale prices were outrateous. The only tickets left…$600 or 299.00 I cannot afford that. And i wont pay it. Sad tocuz i would really like to see him but I like to eat and pay bills too.

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