We are more than an itty bitty excited for new Alan Jackson music…

If you don’t think we are remembering when all our memories included Alan Jackson songs and getting excited that a new album is coming out…you’re wrong.

Alan has had a great year both with his Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit AND his Keepin’ It Country tour so this new album is a huge added bonus for his fans.

And the best part? We don’t even have to wait that long! Jackson’s Angels and Alcohol album hits shelves July 17. If you’d like, you can preorder it here.

Alan Jackson’s Angels and Alcohol Track Listing:

1. “You Can Always Come Home”
2. “You Never Know”
3. “Angels and Alcohol”
4. “Gone Before You Met Me”
5. “The One You’re Waiting On”
6. “Jim and Jack and Hank”
7. “I Leave a Light On”
8. “Flaws”
9. “When God Paints”
10. “Mexico, Tequila and Me”