Tim McGraw is not about putting a political blanket on what he does


This Sandy Hook Benefit is taking on its own life, but Tim McGraw isn’t letting it sway him from what is important.

Tim tells ABC Radio, “I don’t put a political blanket on what I’m doing. This is about helping people and leading with your heart. I think that that’s what I try to do, and we’re doing things are earmarked for a lot of good in the community.”

He elaborated on it by saying:

He says, “When you sit across from a family who’ve gone through such a great tragedy, it’s just heartbreaking. And when you sit and have a conversation and you feel connected and they want you to help, and you feel like you can help, then you lead with your heart.”

This cause is obviously close to Tim’s heart and that means more to him than any of the press, either negative or positive.