Thompson Square’s dream home ruined in flood


Well, this sucks. Thompson Square’s Keifer and Shawna Thompson have to rebuild what they called their dream home in Alabama after a water leak in the upstairs bathroom flooded the entire house. Apparently a few weeks ago water spewed throughout the house for six days while the duo was on the road.

And continuing the bad luck streak, the people cleaning up the flood backed their truck into the home and destroyed the front porch. Uhh oops?

Keifer and Shawna had only been in the home a year and a half and FINALLY had everything decorated to their liking  when the flood happened. Have no fear though…they’ll be able to salvage their ACM and CMA Awards! They’re keeping a positive outlook on the situation and said that it wasn’t that bad of a time for it to happen because they’ll be on the road while they re-build it.

Perspective guys. It’s all about perspective.