This guy really didn’t like his Brantley Gilbert concert experience…


You hear a lot of buzz about fans complaining about concerts but I can honestly say I don’t hear much negativity about Brantley Gilbert….until now.

Joey from The Chronicle wrote about his experience in what looks to be a legit concert review. And boy oh boy they didn’t hold back.

Here’s an example:

It’s unclear exactly what Brantley Gilbert, who performed Wednesday inside NRG Stadium for 66,006 paid attendance, is doing. There’s nothing particularly country about his sound, even by today’s loose standards. And he is too muted to be a rock act. His sound just sits somewhere in the middle, never truly committing to anything.

Um…ouch much? Apparently this particular person had an issue with Brantley’s edgy appearance not matching his performance or….country music.

They ended their review with:

He preceded “Read Me My Rights” with a lengthy rant about abusive men and criminals, declaring that if someone broke into his home while his family was there he’d “shoot his ass on the spot.” It was the closest Gilbert got to displaying outlaw attitude.

Well, on the plus side of things…that’s kind of admirable of him to say?