There’s one thing Miranda Lambert doesn’t always win

Miranda Lambert just dominated the ACM’s and took home EVEN more awards. This had some Carrie Underwood fans in an uproar on Twitter over how she wins everything and it’s political. Well…I am hear to inform she doesn’t exactly win everything.


Miranda’s passion for horses has led her into the show horse world and let me tell you from personal experience….you don’t know how politics can effect you with awards until you’ve shown a horse. And even Miranda freakin’ Lambert can’t overcome that. While she enjoys sweet success in the horse show world, she always doesn’t sweep everything.

Miranda was seen at a horse show last year with a Reserve Champion ribbon. For those that don’t know that is a SECOND place title. That’s right…NOT first.


Now not to take anything away from that because Miranda does show the horses herself, invest in good quality horses and has a very talented trainer so a reserve champion is still a coveted prize. But it just proves she isn’t always walking away numero uno.