The Tyler Farr Experience or lack thereof…

Let me preface this by saying Tyler Farr is an insanely talented individual. A voice in person that can chill you to the bone in the best way imaginable. BUT that’s where it ended for me. We had heard a lot of critique when he was on Jason Aldean’s tour on how he just didn’t fit the energy of the tour. Considering that was a massive stadium tour, I wasn’t going to hold it against him. However, seeing him yesterday might have been one of the most boring concert experiences of my life. Just a very dry guy with a monotone speaking voice. It was a more intimate setting….I mean him and a guitar and a few hundred people….so it gave him room to open up and explain a bit about the songs. Only thing is…he didn’t. The meet and greet was typical cattle call style and when you got to meet him(which huge props for them using your own phone—this is a serious compliment) he was nice enough but bland and did the same face for every single photo.

You can attack me if you want, but just sharing my opinion with you. You’re certainly entitled to form your own.

While personality may be something Tyler lacks in, check out what he is GOOD at…singing:

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