The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams Working Together is Not a Bad Thing

47th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

The world has gone two long years without The Civil War music but lead female vocalist Joy Williams is here to save the day…but she isn’t doing it completely alone. She’s got a little guy by the name of Justin Timberlake to help her.

The new single is “Woman (Oh Mama),”  and this could be misleading considering JT didn’t lend his skills or vocals to the song, BUT….he did put her in touch with one of the song’s co-writers, Matt Morris.

“I was describing [to Timberlake] the process of getting a certain distance on the record that I was happy about but feeling like there was another distance that I had yet to go, to push myself. He said, ‘I think you need to meet Matt,’” Williams tells “Matt and I met for coffee one day, and it was immediate kinship, with immediate creative connections. It was the breath of fresh air I really needed to find myself in the solo process.”

Considering no one knows how to make a previous group situation into a massive solo career, it was a great connection for Jou.

“It was nice to have a friend who understood what it was like to move from a successful entity, like a group, into a successful solo career,” Williams says. ”I took comfort in the way we could dialogue about what that transition was like.”

Check out the flip for ‘Women(Oh Mama)’ below: