So what is the future of Sugarland?


As much as people love Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, they really love Sugarland. So any news involving the possibility of Sugarland reuniting on an album is news fans are desperate for.

The Tennessean talked to Kristian and got this from him:

“As far as Sugarland goes, if the record company calls, I’m ready,” he said. “I feel like we will do it again. I don’t feel like there’s anything standing between that.”

Well, considering Jennifer Nettles is taking a lil break from Broadway and Kristian is busy promoting his amazing solo project, ‘Southern Gravity‘…I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything too soon.

Let’s watch Sugarland’s ‘Something More’ for fun…



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    Will we ever know the truth? Was Incredible Machine killed by the label, forcing them into oblivion? Their post Sugarland projects are admirable; with the return of Garth, Reba, Brooks ans Dunn, Alan Jackson into the fold, and with the demise of country music neutering bro-country, all pride needs to be put aside for Sugarland to return. The ridiculous statement of Kristian of if the label calls they are ready is suspicious. I can’t believe there is a label contract keeping them there. Their success is greater together than alone.


    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Was this written for click-traffic? EVERY interview with either one of them, whenever the question is asked, they each reassure readers/listeners/fans that they are not over-and-done-with.

    1. Shannon

      It was probably written because Ashley found the subject matter interesting.

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