So Garth Brooks DOES have a reason he hasn’t released a third single off new album…


Garth Brooks is proving that you when you’re on his level, promoting an album to country radio is not a priority. I mean he’s out performing sold out shows so something has to take a back burner, right? And in all actuality when Sony Music Nashville’s level head, Gary Overton left, even Garth fell victim to having plans left up in the air until they get a new leader over there.

Garth tells Rolling Stone, “My thing is, allow them the freedom to make that transition and get a plan, and nobody’s heard anything about that yet.”

Garth has already released two singles from Man Against Machine that included “People Loving People” and “Mom.” While fans loved it, it didn’t see a ton of love on country radio so maybe this is a small blessing in disguise. Let Garth do what he does best and that’s entertain the pants off of people .

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