Scotty McCreery Shares His Thoughts on the Boston Red Sox 2015 season

Scotty McCreery is one of country music’s biggest baseball fans and with baseball swinging into gear, Rolling Stone thought they would ask him what his forces was for his Boston Red Sox

Famous Fan Fearless Forecast: I could see us going 80-82. I don’t think we’re going to come out and just blow people out of the water, but I think we’ll win 80. I could see us doing that and hopefully making a good run at the playoffs. As long as they get in, who knows? It’s just one of those things, once you get into the postseason anything can happen. All you got to do is be hot; all you got to do is get on a little run, so it’s not like you are playing 162 games all over again. You got to try to fight to get in, and then in 5 games or 7 games anything can happen.

That’s a pretty optimistic outlook. As a Giants fan, I’m gonna have to say I hope he is wrong.