Reba was ticked off the first time she saw a Reba inspired drag queen


Reba McEntire has her fair share of drag queens dressing up like her across the country. And while Reba embraces it now, there was a time she was ticked about it….but probably not for the reason you think….

Reba tells The Advocate, “One night in the early ’90s, shortly after [my single] ‘Fancy’ came out, I had a gentleman at one of our fan club get-togethers we’d have, and he showed up in full regalia — total drag — and it really ticked me off because his hair and makeup looked better than mine!”

That is a huge compliment because Reba always looks like a 10 with hair and make up! Definitely worth a pat on the back for sure. Reba also mentioned she still sees some at her shows from time to time and it makes her smile.

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“Imitation is a huge form of flattery,” she says.


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