Reba is Taylor Swift’s biggest fan..



I think if Reba is your fan at all you’re winning at life, but your biggest fan? Well, that’s a whole new level. Of course, Taylor Swift is used to being on a whole new level.

Reba told ET this about Tay Tay:

“Let me just tell you, I am Taylor Swift’s biggest fan,” Reba says. “I think she is a great role model, I think she’s smart as a tack, and I think she is absolutely beautiful. She carries herself so well, says the right thing at the right time, she’s just amazing.”

She also happens to NOT hold a grudge about Miss Swift leaving the country genre: “I think it’s wonderful,” Reba adds. “Why should country music just keep her to ourselves? She does need to be on all genres of music.”

Pretty cool words from a country music legend! Taylor will be honored at the ACM’s this Sunday and while some people are already talking smack, the ACM’s have come out in defense saying look…Taylor was the first woman EOTY winner AND back to back…she’s worthy.


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