Raelynn Explains How To Get Over Post Miranda Tour Depression

Ahhh yes PMTD(Post Miranda Tour Depression). It happens to a lot of country fanatics that fear they will never have a Girls Night Out that will ever match the fun they’ve had at a Miranda Lambert show. But lucky for us, Raelynn explained to Country Weekly just how she got over it and we hope this may let you know…there is is hope.

“We all have had post-Miranda depression,” RaeLynn tells Country Weekly. “I always get on the phone with her and tell her ‘I miss you!’ and she is yelling ‘I miss you!’ It’s crazy. We will be doing more stuff together, so that’s good. She is like my sister and I would do anything for her.”


Her cure?

“Go out on tour surrounded by dudes,” says RaeLynn,  “[Rascal Flatts] wants to take me golfing, but unless I have an outfit and pink clubs, I’m not going.” She laughs and adds, “I am the worst golfer ever. Thank God I can sing.”

So there you have it. PMTD can be overcome.