Only one thing survived Hillary Scott’s bus blaze (besides people) and it’s pretty amazing

As most people I’m sure have heard by now, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott had her tour bus go up in flames yesterday on her way to this weekend’s ACM Awards in Texas. Everyone made it out of the bus unhurt thanks to the quick-acting bus driver, but all of Hillary’s things on the bus weren’t so lucky.

Except for one thing … Hillary’s Bible.

Hillary shared the amazing picture and news afterwards.

Hillary Scott Bible

I just got this picture from the scene of the fire and HAD to share this. Today, when our bus caught on fire we had quite a few personal belongings in the back (where I was asleep before evacuating the bus) one of them being my Bible. I kid you not, EVERYTHING in the back lounge was destroyed from the flames, except my Bible. The outside cover was burned and messed up but NOT ONE PAGE was missing. Yall, God’s Word will always stand. He is FOR YOU, WILL PROTECT YOU, AND HIS LOVE FOR YOU WILL NEVER FADE. My faith is forever deepened because of today. I hope this story deepens yours.

Wow. If that doesn’t show you someone was watching out for Hillary, nothing will.