Miranda Lambert writes song for Reese Witherspoon


Well, now the dots are connected! When we shared that Reese Witherspoon was supporting Miranda Lambert by wearing her tee shirts, we didn’t know it was because Miranda and Reese are like besties.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Miranda gave some insight on how a song came about for the new movie, Hot Pursuit. And check it…it was a TEXT from Reese that got gave this whole thing going forward!

“She texted me and told me about the movie and wanted me to do something, whether I write it or sing it or both,” Miranda shared. “I got inspired. I love Reese and Sofia. It was kind of a Thelma and Louise theme, and that’s totally up my alley.”

While writing a song for a movie wasn’t on Miranda’s resume, she obvi didn’t say no.

“So I got together with a couple of my favorite female songwriters in Nashville and we wrote a song called ‘Two of a Crime,’ the platinum star revealed, “It’s great! It is really so fun to be part of it. It was the first time I wrote a song for a movie, so it was a different experience for me because, as a songwriter we usually write our own stories, but this one already was, so we kind of built around it. I’m really excited.”

There was no one better for the job Miranda!